Self-Serve Since 1908 – Open 24 Hours!

*Be sure to store your water out of direct sunlight and in a cool place. All glass has the ability to magnify and has the potential to cause a fire.

Glass Gallons

From Pocahontas Source

Since 1640 the Spring Has Flowed Benefiting the Surrounding Communities.

A Valuable Resource to the Surrounding Communities.

Cool. Clear. Crisp.

Water is Tested Using the Highest-Quality Food Standards. Natural Combination of Minerals Creating a Natural Mineral Spring Water

Natural Mineral Water

Service technicians not available to repair machines!

If there is a wait, use the free gallon filler and put any appropriate payment you feel in front door mail slot. Please respect others waiting and pick up any trash someone else left. We are all in this together. We are a public water supply that can handle free flowing water at 333 gals. per minute of fine mineral elements. Be well, we have you covered!