Spring Water Station

water_Dispenser_topOpen 24 Hours – 7 Days a Week, located at 165 Lowell Street, Lynnfield MA 01940.

* Rich in Minerals and Electrolytes
* Available Only at the Source of Pocahontas Mineral Spring
* Fill Your Gallon/5 Gallon Jugs
* Great for Pets Too!

*Be sure to store your water out of direct sunlight and in a cool place. 

All glass has the ability to magnify and has the potential to cause a fire.


  1. You can get glass jugs from Amazon or in Reading there is a brew supply store, I forget the name, but I got my glass jugs there. It is quite a feat the fill them up and bring them into the house but it’s worthit, they are heavy. I’m still trying to get some easier way to pour the water out of the jugs into smaller containers.

  2. As I sit here and sip your water, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the wonderful service you provide by making this amazing water available to the public. I am often amazed out how drinking your water adds to my overall sense of health and well being and am incredibly grateful to have found Boston clear.
    Many thanks!!

  3. I started drinking Boston Clear a couple of weeks ago. I had been drinking from the public water supply in Lynn, MA, through a water filter. Lynn claims to have the best quality water of any municipality around here. However, by drinking Boston Clear for just half a day, and arising from my afternoon nap, I noticed all my anxiety was gone, no fear, and my mind was absolutely quiet. Lynn water has fluoride and chlorine added to get rid of bugs in the water. But Boston Clear was so far superior, I felt a radical difference in only half a day of drinking Boston Clear! I absolutely believe that Boston Clear is the BEST water anywhere within the local area!! Thank you Boston Clear. Your firm believer, Al Nesser, Founder and CEO of the Harmony Hill Performing Arts Foundation.

    • Hi Al, Thank you for the note. As you know many people claim that the Mineral Spring has made them feel better. We’re happy that we can share this amazing resource. Hope to see you at the Spring!


  4. Today was a good day. Today we found a source of water that is so pure. Today one of my wife’s elders from the Mohawk nation got water and felt the effects right away with her rheumatoid arthritis.

  5. I wanted to thank you for preserving this beautiful natural resource! Since drinking this water, I feel more energized. I am happy to have found this alkaline water to help me stay healthy.

  6. Ummm…how does one actually get to the water station? I’m looking at the map and it makes no sense to me. The location appears to be in the middle of a pond surrounded by trees behind residential properties? Thanks.

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