Oil for the Lips

Gattineri, after traveling to Western Europe noticed the old world would use olive oil by products for soaps. It was a natural but the process was not exciting or earth shattering. But by using nano-technology to recreate the viscosity of oil was. So the first olive oil paste used for lips, and skin care was born. Now you know where old world meets western technology

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The Olive Oil World Takes a New Leap

By visiting Italian families, Gattineri observed users adding spices and vegetables and warming the oil, but careful not to over heat. They explain this is the start of any great sauce. So West went East and Gattineri develops pre-packaged flavored infused oils. A product that revolutionized how consumers use oils in cooking.

Technology was critical so we he reached out to the new world and gained knowledge in food safety technology through university and private labs. Eventually Gattineri’s products were in countries as far away as Japan and major restaurants and through major food manufacturers who produced to exacting specifications. Gattineri claims the answer is in the water

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Oil & Water Do Mix!!

Innovation in olive oil packaging processing techniques have been the same since its existence. It wasn’t until Anthony Gattineri brought back the basic product from Italy that he decided to add a new dimension—to westernize it. The blending of extra virgin oils to achieve optimum pallet tastes, as he claims, is to suit the American pallet. Twenty years ago, the green color of strong extra virgin oil was frowned upon and the peppery flavor had been considered inedible.

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