Visit the Mineral Spring!

“Mineral water” is a natural water produced from a well or spring that naturally contains at least 250 parts per million total dissolved solids. Pocahontas Mineral Spring Water contains over 350 parts per million.

Direct from the Source!

Boston Clear Spring Water Company leads the way with natural mineral water free flowing from the spring. Never pumped from wells. Always in keeping with nature. No artificial minerals, added electrolytes or reverse osmosis. Direct from the source of Pocahontas birth date BC.

New Water Dispenser!

New water dispenser installed.  The dispenser will rinse and fill jugs/gallon and five-gallon.
Open 24 Hours – 7 Days a Week, located at 165 Lowell Street, Lynnfield MA 01940.

East Meets West

In further discovery for the finest olive oils, Gattineri admits although his ancestors are from villages in central Italy, the western new world was to be discovered through missionary groups.

The olive trees and the microclimate in parts of California found an unmatched parallel in volcanic soil and mineral to produce some of the finest oils. But as he states it’s not just the temperature fluctuations and long growing seasons to bring the olive buds to optimum pollination, it’s also the water. Water rich in minerals are necessary to create the delicate flavor and bouquet as found in great wines. In the arid climate of coastal Southern California, is born the natural resource deep within the earth and surfaces to assist nature through the gift of Mother Earth!
More to come.

Oil for the Lips

Gattineri, after traveling to Western Europe noticed the old world would use olive oil by products for soaps. It was a natural but the process was not exciting or earth shattering. But by using nano-technology to recreate the viscosity of oil was. So the first olive oil paste used for lips, and skin care was born. Now you know where old world meets western technology

More to come.