Helping During A Crisis – Free Water

Like other businesses throughout the country, Boston Clear Water continues to monitor the COVID-19 emergency. However, we are doing more than monitoring, we’re going to help.

As a public water supply, we want to support our community and are offering our mineral water at NO CHARGE (FREE) during this ongoing crisis.  While we have vending machines that take quarters, we have a well-marked machine that will dispense water at no charge. If you can pay, please use the vending as you have in the past. If you cannot, then please help yourself.

We realize that many in our community will experience a negative economic impact as a result of lost income.  We feel that access to our water should not be prohibited because of cost.

We remind you to share this precious resource. The earth has given us this water to share with as many people as possible. If you are filling, be courteous and fill the containers you need to fill and allow others a turn who may be waiting. We have seen the chaos at grocery stores and there is no need for that scene at your spring. We honor those by sharing.

Boston Clear’s steward of the spring said, “We have a lot of loyal customers and we welcome everyone.  I wanted to assure those who are facing an immediate financial crisis that water will be available.”

Boston Clear Water also wants to assure its customers that it maintains a high level of quality control.  Our  water is drawn from a few inches below the grotto in the stone house.  It then passes through a small filter and an ultraviolet light before it is dispensed in customer-provided bottles.  No human hands or light touch the water until it is dispensed.

While we have taken a number of measures to assure safe drinking water, we ask that all of our customers be considerate and conscientious of other people who visit the spring.  Please assure that your bottles are clean both inside and out.  Use a paper towel or some sanitary wipe to handle the doors to the vending machines.

Drink and prosper!!

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