Beautifully Protecting Public Water Supply

Whenever you visit the spring you will see continuous improvements. These are done with stewardship and protection of this beautiful natural resource.

Hand pruning vegetation is necessary to keep thing tidy in the area. We want to make the spring accessible to everyone.

Feel free to pick up anything others have left behind and take any refuse with you. We have had a few broken bottles left behind, so we all need to be considerate of the area. This is beneficial to all of us who understand protecting our precious water supplies.

We are all stewards of the mineral elements here and we appreciate your help.

90 Degrees

2019 July 6, first day of season outside temperature hits 90 degrees. Getting a fresh glass of 51 degree natural free-flowing mineral water helps everyone to reflect a quote from Marie Vazzana Smith.”Thank you for preserving this God–given natural resource” As stewards of the Spring we’re proud to offer this public water supply to everyone. NO One is excluded at the Hate Free Zone!