Boston Clear Water’s Update On Planet

If you visit our site or come by our spring, chances are you have an interest in high quality water and the reality that sources like ours are scarce. Boston’s local news show, ABC’s Chronicle, took a look at the challenges facing our water supply in the area. Lynnfield, our own home town, has also faced challenges of supplying clean water to residents.

Our beautiful planet !!

In South Africa, where a lack of water nearly shut down Cape Town last year, they are looking at trying to avoid another future crisis. They actually had a day they named “Day Zero” when water would completely run out in Cape Town but, thanks to generous rainfall and severe restrictions on water use, they have staved off disaster for now. However, they are looking at other solutions, including towing a giant iceberg from Antartica to quench the country’s thirst.

Plastics are choking the planet. Canada is going to phase out single use plastics by 2021 in an effort to cut “3 million tons of plastic waste tossed out by the country every year.” Our oceans are a mess with plastics and they are finding micro-particles in most all living creatures who live in our seas.

This brings us to solutions to helping our planet. Each of us needs to look at our plastic footprint and cut it down … starting now. No plastic bottles and if you’re going to buy an expensive water bottle then you should be putting the finest water in it.

Help our planet for the next generation. By setting an example, we teach others to be mindful of this small, beautiful planet. Our kids are watching and we believe that they will be better stewards of our planet’s resources if we can just show them the way.

Update: Summer At The Spring

Boston Clear Water Sharing The Source of Pocahontas Spring With The World

It is summer here in New England and the water is flowing.

A few changes and the first one you will note is the pricing of the water to $0.75/gallon. It is our commitment to continue to make this amazing mineral water available to everyone. We have added another water vending position to help ease the lines we have seen when the spring gets crowded.

We are also undergoing some repairs in the office area which is not going to affect dispensing of water. Our first priority was preserving and cleaning the area around the spring to preserve it for generations to come. In that process, we experienced unforeseen legal action by those who sought to close the spring. While we respect the legal process, it has been an expensive and revealing process. Having persevered, we want to assure that we both deliver our great water and provide an experience that enriches those who visit us.

Consistent with our goals we also depend on you to tell those who you know and love about our water. The mineral water that comes from Pocahontas Spring is special … it tastes special … it makes those who drink it feel special.

We continue to offer access to the spring waters that flow from within the stone house out back. We welcome those who meditate, pray and just sit in peace at our spring. To those who believe in the healing powers of our waters, we continue to offer a place where you can meditate and focus on your personal goals.

Our St. Anthony statue and the spring were recently honored at a dedication in France at the church of St. Pietro, not far from the battlefields of Normandy. It was there that our owner, Anthony Gattineri, is considering ways that there can be future connections between the two places.

Please tell someone about our spring, its mineral water and the people who visit it, all of which make this place so special. Follow us on Facebook and look for updates here!