Lynnfield MA Residents Affected By Contamination Get Free Water At Spring

We have people coming from all across the state, across the country, to visit our spring.

Last weekend, we offered free water to Lynnfield, MA residents who provided us with a copy of their Lynnfield Center Water District water bill.  We have extended the offer through September 10, and may go beyond that.   While the quality of our water is unmatched by any public water supplier on its best day of operation, we want to provide a solution to the community where we operate.

This problem is not unique to Lynnfield.  Each week we hear of problems with the water quality from coast to coast … and we are watching.

When you come to the spring simply go to the vending filler to the far left of the red building, turn on the spigot, fill your jug and deposit a copy of your water bill through the mail slot at our front door.  Like much of what we do, we rely on the honor system.

While you are at the spring, get to know the person next you.  We all come to the spring for reasons that are beyond just filling water containers … we are all searching for something and chances are that “something” is at the spring.


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