We Have One Word For You: Water

In Mike Nichols’s 1967 film “The Graduate,” a 21 year old Benjamin Braddock, played by Dustin Hoffman, is at a cocktail party his parents have thrown to celebrate his college graduation.  A friend of Ben’s parents, a businessman named Mr. McGuire, takes Ben aside at the party and says he has one word of advice for him, just one word—and the word is “plastics.”

In 1967, plastic was about to revolutionize the world but today it has created one of the major problems our planet faces.  Without getting into the complex issues that have been brought about because of plastics (save for another blog), we do want to present the power of having simple answers in a complex world.  Our answer to the future of health and well being is “Water.”

The next time you are on an airplane, take a look at the people who are in first class (not that I would not enjoy sitting there from time to time), but the group is usually made up of business people who have earned the right to sit there, not from paying extra, but from living a life of flying around the country on business … frequent flyers!  They are usually haggard executives who are thankful to have been seated first so that they can enjoy a glass of alcohol and a bag of chips, all given to them free of charge.  That is a reward?  Sounds more like a poisoning.

These people, despite their apparent financial success, can understandably find themselves confiding in friends saying, “I wish I had more energy and felt better.”  If I were their friend I would say “Water … start not just any water, but rare, healing water that can only be obtained from a pure source … a place like Pocahontas Spring at Boston Clear.  Don’t take our word for it, listen to people who make a career out of healing people.

Jody Hawkins operates Full Circle Health Counseling where she is a Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition coach.  Testimonials on her website speak to her work and one of her blogs speaks to our spring!  Not only did Hawkins find water, she discovered a healing spring here in Lynnfield where she takes her family;

Finding this spring and sacred healing spot, has been life changing for us. It came into our lives at exactly the right time, as most things do, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the benefits I have seen.

Another professional who comes to our spring is Regina Schulman.  Schulman and Tim DeSutter founded  The Infinity Healing Group in Andover, MA.  Our water has been a part of their work for years, including Schulman’s volunteer work with women who were trying to overcome sexual and drug abuse issues.  “When I was doing some volunteer work,” Schulman said, “the center that was housing these women served soda and chip, which were mostly donated goods.”  She said that the joke among the women was that the place was known as 30-30, “If you went for 30 days, you gained 30 pounds.”  The fact is that Schulman was trying to change the lives of these women and help them to clear their mind so that they could make a positive change.  She needed to get them away from things that were destroying their lives and that included the food they were eating.

Schulman changed one thing within her group and issued a challenge; substitute one soda with one. water.  They sat at a table with a gallon of our Pocahontas water, poured some into glasses and talked about the water, what it meant to them and what it was doing to heal their bodies.  While nourishing their bodies, the group used Shulman’s encouragement to focus on other, more complex issues … “The water provided a focus for these women so that they could address other issues in their lives.

How powerful has Schulman’s work been?  Take a look at this testimonial filmed at our spring (click here).

We would like to thank the professional nutritionists, faith healers and physicians who visit our spring on behalf of their clients.  We welcome you and we welcome them.

If someone asks you what is the one thing they can do to improve their life, tell them “water.”  Not water bottled in some factory, wrapped in plastic and shipped to your local grocer, but water that is delivered from the center of the earth as a gift for those who seek to find it.



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