Meet The Man Behind The Spring

You all know that everyone is welcome at the spring and we love seeing you.

You might stop by and see what appears to be a caretaker walking around the property, moving some of the stones around and then returning to sit in the office behind a fold-up table that is his desk.  That would be Anthony Gattineri, who purchased the spring in 2014.

Anthony is a successful, life-long entrepreneur.  He started work at his father’s dry cleaner, Fashion Clothiers” in Winchester, at the age of 12 years old.  He continued to work there after graduating from Bentley College but soon set out on his own ventures.  He would eventually start an olive oil distribution company, California Olive Oil Company,  As part of that company, Anthony developed a way to atomize oil through a manual pump that eliminated fluorocarbons that were used for cooking sprays.  There were skeptics to his approach but it proved to be a big success for Anthony and the environment.

Eventually he sold his company and became involved in real estate.  Now, his work is devoted to bringing the magical waters of the spring to the public.

Visitors are sometimes curious and when they see Anthony in the office they knock at the door to ask a questions or two.  He loves it!  Anthony has never met a stranger and he is happy to speak with anyone who comes to the spring.  It is his passion to share information on the spring’s history, its special water, the people who come here and the stories they all share.  You cannot walk out of his office without hearing a story and Anthony will not let you leave until you tell him yours.

When Anthony took over the spring the red house that greets you as come down the drive was filled with rusty, outdated equipment, filters were not maintained, pumps and wiring were hazardous and the stone house out back was near collapse.  The site had become a teenage hangout after hours and the grounds were littered with beer cans and trash.  Anthony immediately saw a vision of what the site could be and started cleaning and making the water that is dispensed to you as pure as it bubbles up from the center of the earth.

The spring is all about stories, so let us share a few with you.

As you come into our spring, you will notice the 1969 Volkwagen (VW) van.  The van was purchased to be an icon of a generation that was concerned about the earth and water. To Anthony,  it was also a tribute to surfing (water) and he saw the van as a way to give back to the earth.   Ideally the van would have already been used to spread the word of Boston Clear and our valuable water, but, unfortunately, complaints were filed by neighbors because it is registered to a former New Hampshire office and we feared retaliation for putting it on the road.  To be sure, it will roll again!  Those who visit our spring love it and those Flower Children from the 60s take many selfies in front of our beloved VW van … we have even had a few wedding pictures taken there!  It should be noted that the tanker parked is also a result of neighbors who complained … so they sit there idle, but only for a bit longer.

Everyone who visits marvels at the 3,500 lb, solid marble statue of St. Anthony statue that is placed just beyond the stonewall reflection pond.   Anthony commissioned the statue in 2017 just after his father passed away.  The inscription on the statue was inspired by the wisdom he has gained over the years and his eagerness to share it particularly with the children.  “Justice, Fairness, Truth,” comes from his experience of seeking justice for everyone, aspiring to always treat people fairly and working to always expose the truth.  The placement of the statue came from a vision that Anthony had when he first commissioned the piece.

An addition next to the statue is the plaque “En Reconnaissance A St Antoine Juin 44.”  During a trip to Europe in May 2018, Anthony and his wife Lisa took a trip to Normandy, a place where Donato Gattineri, Anthony’s father, was in 1944 … D-Day.  Like many young men in the 1940s, Donato enlisted in the United States Army and as fate would have it, became a member of the 79th Reconnaissance Troop where he served as a Tech-5 scout in World War II.  Donato fought bravely in the historic battle on Utah Beach in Normandy France, a turning point in the war.

After visiting the beach where his father had been those years ago, he ventured into a nearby church that was undergoing a renovation.  He and his wife went into the church and they saw a statue of St. Anthony with the plaque that you now see in the spring.  Donato had told a story, just days before his death, about a visit to a church after the battle … could this have been it?  Anthony said that it fit the description to a “t”and he was certain that his father was there in June 1944.  He searched for the priest of the church and when he found him Anthony said, through an interpreter who happened to volunteer her services, “Can I purchase the plaque?”  Anthony told the priest the story and, to the astonishment of his wife, the priest agreed to give the plaque to Anthony and in return Anthony would pay for a replacement.  To Anthony, the piece is priceless and now has a permanent home at the spring.

The spring itself is a story and the mosaic of stories of all of those who visit become the fabric that brings us all together.  When Anthony is there, and he chooses to be there as much as possible, please say “hello,” and share a story with him.  He is as genuine, made in the USA, one of a kind and we are so fortunate to have someone who cares enough to share this special water and very special place.

Anthony knows how much you love the spring and please know that he greatly appreciates all the love you have shown him!  He is always deeply moved when people come to the spring, especially mothers who come with their children and expectant mothers.  To him, it is a sign of building another generation of health, joyful people.

Through the spring, we are not on enriching lives with our nourishing water, but by your refilling your containers here we are saving millions of plastic bottles entering the world.  Together, we all make a difference.

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