Keeping Our Spring Open To The Public

At Boston Clear, we let the water do all the talking … well the water is talking these days!

Our spring was recently featured in the Lynnfield Weekly News about legal issues we have as a result of some people who are seeking to shut down our the spring.  Rest assured, we have a team of dedicated professionals who represent both our and your interest in preserving this amazing place.  We thought the article was fair and we were glad to hear a satisfied customer being quoted as saying, “The water is so good, it’s like a fine glass of wine.”  We could not agree more!

We are fortunate to have so many wonderful people who come to our spring, for water, to meditate, or just out of curiosity.  No matter their reasons, we welcome everyone and offer a place of refuge, hope and nourishment.  However, a very small group of people have chosen to challenge our right to serve you and your right to come to our spring.  We are confident that we will prevail because the basis for our defense is based on truth where opponents of the spring have theirs founded in deception.

Some of the same people who are now trying to stop your access to the spring, are taking water from it.  While their true motives remain hidden, we believe, based on their complaints, they are intolerant of certain religious and spiritual beliefs that are freely displayed on our site.  It is truly sad because we have welcomed everyone, no matter their beliefs, race or gender …. All are welcome.

We use this platform to communicate with those we serve and we welcome your comments.  Your support is critical to our success and will play an important role in the decisions city officials in Lynnfield make concerning our spring.  There is a Zoning Board of Appeals meeting on Tuesday, August 7 at 7:30pm where issues concerning the spring will be discussed.  You can reach out to board members by clicking on their name sending them a note about

  • Why you come to the spring
  • How long you have been coming (whether you are a first timer or been coming for years)
  • Why it is important that it remain openLet the board members know how you feel (click here to go to ZBA website) or email us at … we would love to hear from you and will gladly pass on your comments at the Lynnfield ZBA.Enjoy our water and look for updated posts.
– The Spring
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