Back To School With Nothing To Drink

In Detroit, MI, students were welcomed back to school but they were unable to drink from the water fountains!

Detroit Public Schools Community District shut off drinking water at all of the schools after testing revealed that 16 schools had elevated levels of lead and/or copper.  Superintendent Nikolai Vitti ordered testing of all schools this spring, after tests in 2016 found elevated levels of the metals. Initial results for 24 schools returned last week found 16 had levels higher than acceptable, he said in the emailed letter. All water sources, including drinking fountains and sinks, were tested. Water is still available for hand washing and toilet flushing.  I guess it’s a good idea to wash your hands in “lead and/or copper.”

Before we delve into Detroit, we wanted to take a look at the history of the drinking fountain.  Here is an article from the Washington Post (July 2015):

The modern era’s first free public water fountain was unveiled in London in 1859. Thousands gathered to watch officials turn on the tap. At its peak, about 7,000 people used the fountain each day. At that time, the rich were buying water brought in from the country. The poor were drinking water bottled from the sewage-infested Thames. Water-borne diseases such as cholera and typhoid were rampant.

One’s wealth or status should have nothing to do with their availability to safe drinking water.  This is particularly true when we talk about those who are most vulnerable, our young children, who drink out of trust.

Those of us who went to school in the 1960s and 1970s, remember drinking from a fountain without a thought that what we might be drinking was harmful.  Today, we cannot give those same assurances to students.  In Boston, there was a scandal related to high levels of lead and copper found in public drinking water supplies.  Now Detroit …  this is truly unacceptable.   Water, clean water,  is a required staple for a good education and our public water systems have failed us in this area.

Let us celebrate the return of kids to school by sending them off with  safe water that nourishes both their mind and body.  We should not assume that the bubblers in the school halls are sufficient when we have data that says that it may not even be safe in our own homes.

What Are You Drinking? We Need To Know

Each day we search for good news … news that nourishes our minds as much as our bodies.  With that said, we also have to tell you the reality of today … people have the capacity to lie!

People know the potential dangers of treated water (what are they putting in our drinking water), so they assume that what is coming from the well has to be safe.  Think again!

In Kansas, the state allowed residents in two Wichita-area neighborhoods to drink contaminated water for years without telling them, despite warning signs of contamination close to water wells used for drinking, washing and bathing.  What?

During a study for a real estate project, the state actually found dry cleaning chemicals (perchloroethylene) had leached into the ground water but said nothing about it to people who were getting their water from wells.  They did not notify the surrounding areas to allow people to test the water themselves.  But did they have an obligation to tell those citizens who were off the water grid to check their own water sources?  We say YES!  However, residents found out 7 years after those tests that their water was polluted.  7 years!!!  7 days would have been an outrage

So what is the priority, the safety of the people or the businesses who dumped the chemicals?  According to the Wichita Eagle:

“The Kansas Drycleaner Environmental Response Act was passed at the request of the dry cleaning industry to protect the small businesses from the potentially crippling cost of federal involvement. The Environmental Protection Agency, through its Superfund program, can pay to clean up water pollution and then bill any and all companies ever associated with the property to recover its money. Cleaning up pollution can easily cost millions of dollars; state law limits the liability of a dry cleaning shop to $5,000.”

We are not looking for government solutions but instead are looking for government honesty.  We know that there are challenges to providing clean water with a growing population … what we call “prosperity.”  We get it!   But we do not deserve to be lied to, particularly by public officials.  We deserve information to make our choices and when we are deceived we make poor decisions … we act blindly.
We at Boston Clear read about these situations and want to react.  We aspire to provide clean water to our residents not only to help them, but to assure them that someone is looking out for them.  Our customers have grown to rely on us for delivering water that makes us all better.  We plan on delivering on that promise for years to come.
The earth has given this beautiful spring to us and we return it to you.  Whether you are on well water or city water, come to our spring and taste, experience, the difference in what water can make in your life.
We have a truck ready to roll!  So many places, so many needs.


Lynnfield, MA Residents – Boston Clear Offers Free Drinking Water Amid Water Concerns

Many of us have assumed that the water that comes from our faucet is safe.  While we think of Flint, MI as an anomaly of a water system gone awry, the USA Today estimated that tens-of-millions in the US have been exposed to unsafe drinking water.  What was a problem for underdeveloped countries has come home to the US.

Now, water issues have hit too close to home and we are here to help.  Residents of Lynnfield, MA expressed concerns about the clarity of its water in May, in early August the town took down a water pumping station amid concerns of e coli in its water.  Now residents have renewed concern about the discoloration of the water, which engineers attribute to iron and manganese content.  A filter is envisioned as a possible solution.  People need clean water today and we have a solution!

On Saturday August 25 from 8:00am – 2:00pm and Sunday August 26 from 8:00am – 2:00pm, all customers who provide a copy of their most recent Lynnfield Center Water District bill will receive up to 5 gallons of free, perfectly drinkable water … all from our spring.  Bring your own, clean container and we will gladly fill it at no charge.  If you need a container, we offer high quality, one-gallon, glass bottles for a $5/each donation.

We are located at 165 Lowell Street, Lynnfield, MA 01940.

Be assured that the water you are drinking is the best for you and your family … get your water from Pocahontas Spring!

Holding Public Officials Accountable For Clean Water

If the water crisis in Flint, Michigan taught us one thing, it was that we simply do no know what we are drinking out of the faucet.  But when the water has contaminates in it, who should be held responsible and how to they go about cleaning it up?

In Flint, the courts are getting involved and prosecutors are bringing cases against public officials for their role in supplying dirty water to residents.  As with many cases of corruption, it is not going to be about the people who contaminated the water, that occurred over a long period of neglect, it is going to be about the person who found out about it and covered it up.  In Michigan, public officials are concerned that they could be held accountable by our judicial system for their neglect.  It would send a strong message.

According to a report in the USA Today, an outbreak of Legionnaires in disease in Michigan killed 12 people as a result of contamination in the water supply:

Legionella bacteria can emerge through misting and cooling systems, triggering a severe form of pneumonia, especially in people with weakened immune systems. The state says there were 90 cases reported to Genesee County Health Department in 2014-15, including 12 deaths. More than half of the people had a common thread: They spent time at McLaren Hospital, which was on the Flint water system.

Our guess is that you have no idea who is in charge of the water supply that feeds your city water supply, their credentials, the treatment facility protocol, the chemical process they use to treat the water and the condition of the pipes that deliver the water to your tap.  It makes you want to go grab a bottled water, but hold on!

Things that we take for granted in life are some of the things that we need to question most.  According to American Prospect, 2015 study by the American Water Works Association found that if federal recommendations on water monitoring were actually followed, as many as 70 percent of water systems relying on lead service lines could be found to be unsafe … In some cases, utilities have failed to keep records of where lead service lines are even located.

Your water supply is important and the more you know about your water, the more you can make decisions about how it interacts with your family’s life.  We should all demand more from our officials, first by having them tell us what is in the water that we are drinking, then asking what actions are taking place to improve it.

The way that we hold people accountable in service to the public is to first find out what they are doing.  Sadly, that is where many citizens fall short.  However, it is easily remedied with a few properly placed questions.

What’s in your water?  Check out Environmental Working Group, a non-profit group whose mission is to empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. We have no affiliation with the group but we have found their information very valuable, particularly their blogs on water.  EWG has done extensive analysis on water throughout the country and can provide an independent report on water in your area.  Check it out.

Get information about your water source …. then come to our spring and be confident that our water is the best you can get.

Soda Giant Reacts To Consumer Demand For Refillable Containers

Something old is suddenly new again.

You do not have to be a true tree-hugger to realize that we have a problem with plastic, particularly plastic bottles.  We have all seen them blowing down the street and, worse, floating in our oceans and lakes.  Left to slowly decompose in our water over many decades,  these plastics break down into micro-particals that make their way into the plant and wildlife …. then back to us.  Now, big soda makers are making their move, which we applaud but also send a word of caution.

Pepsi has been experimenting with placing Aquafina refilling stations in colleges so that students, many of whom are environmentally conscience, can refill their own bottles.  Coca Cola has been doing the same thing with its Dasani brand.  If it catches on, look for more machines, and fewer bottles.  Along the same line of thinking, Pepsi also announced that it is buying SodaStream … a vertical business decision to turn their plain water into a bubbly plain water.  You seen the trend?  Refilling your containers is the new black!

Sharing a small symbol of love at the spring

Pepsi and Coke can look for ways to fool consumers but those who visit Boston Clear know that their water travels up from the center of the earth, passes through a filter to assure any small debris don’t make it into your water, then it gets a flash of ultraviolet light to kill any bacteria, and then it goes into your jug.  You know the supply chain, all in about 50 feet from the source to your bottle, which is something you cannot say about the water from these behemoths who were the same ones who jumped on distributing water after people smartened up about the dangers of the soft drinks they peddled for years.  What makes you think these big companies have changed their ways?

We know that many people who visit our spring also support local farmer’s markets because they want to know where are food comes from.    We see a trend in the consumer wanting to understand how the products they ingest are brought to their plate (glass) … what is in what we consume … how does what we consume affect the environment … are the things we consume good for us?  Boston Clear checks all those boxes.

We are happy that the big companies are coming around to Boston Clear’s way of thinking, but we know that they will be unable to match our quality, sustainability and transparency.  We are both a water source and spiritual healing ground … something no big company can replicate.

Tell a friend that there is a new bottling experience trend that may be best experienced by stopping by to see us at 165 Lowell Street, Lynnfield, MA …. home of the Pocahontas Spring operated by Boston Clear.  A source of mineral water for hundreds of years!


Meet The Man Behind The Spring

You all know that everyone is welcome at the spring and we love seeing you.

You might stop by and see what appears to be a caretaker walking around the property, moving some of the stones around and then returning to sit in the office behind a fold-up table that is his desk.  That would be Anthony Gattineri, who purchased the spring in 2014.

Anthony is a successful, life-long entrepreneur.  He started work at his father’s dry cleaner, Fashion Clothiers” in Winchester, at the age of 12 years old.  He continued to work there after graduating from Bentley College but soon set out on his own ventures.  He would eventually start an olive oil distribution company, California Olive Oil Company,  As part of that company, Anthony developed a way to atomize oil through a manual pump that eliminated fluorocarbons that were used for cooking sprays.  There were skeptics to his approach but it proved to be a big success for Anthony and the environment.

Eventually he sold his company and became involved in real estate.  Now, his work is devoted to bringing the magical waters of the spring to the public.

Visitors are sometimes curious and when they see Anthony in the office they knock at the door to ask a questions or two.  He loves it!  Anthony has never met a stranger and he is happy to speak with anyone who comes to the spring.  It is his passion to share information on the spring’s history, its special water, the people who come here and the stories they all share.  You cannot walk out of his office without hearing a story and Anthony will not let you leave until you tell him yours.

When Anthony took over the spring the red house that greets you as come down the drive was filled with rusty, outdated equipment, filters were not maintained, pumps and wiring were hazardous and the stone house out back was near collapse.  The site had become a teenage hangout after hours and the grounds were littered with beer cans and trash.  Anthony immediately saw a vision of what the site could be and started cleaning and making the water that is dispensed to you as pure as it bubbles up from the center of the earth.

The spring is all about stories, so let us share a few with you.

As you come into our spring, you will notice the 1969 Volkwagen (VW) van.  The van was purchased to be an icon of a generation that was concerned about the earth and water. To Anthony,  it was also a tribute to surfing (water) and he saw the van as a way to give back to the earth.   Ideally the van would have already been used to spread the word of Boston Clear and our valuable water, but, unfortunately, complaints were filed by neighbors because it is registered to a former New Hampshire office and we feared retaliation for putting it on the road.  To be sure, it will roll again!  Those who visit our spring love it and those Flower Children from the 60s take many selfies in front of our beloved VW van … we have even had a few wedding pictures taken there!  It should be noted that the tanker parked is also a result of neighbors who complained … so they sit there idle, but only for a bit longer.

Everyone who visits marvels at the 3,500 lb, solid marble statue of St. Anthony statue that is placed just beyond the stonewall reflection pond.   Anthony commissioned the statue in 2017 just after his father passed away.  The inscription on the statue was inspired by the wisdom he has gained over the years and his eagerness to share it particularly with the children.  “Justice, Fairness, Truth,” comes from his experience of seeking justice for everyone, aspiring to always treat people fairly and working to always expose the truth.  The placement of the statue came from a vision that Anthony had when he first commissioned the piece.

An addition next to the statue is the plaque “En Reconnaissance A St Antoine Juin 44.”  During a trip to Europe in May 2018, Anthony and his wife Lisa took a trip to Normandy, a place where Donato Gattineri, Anthony’s father, was in 1944 … D-Day.  Like many young men in the 1940s, Donato enlisted in the United States Army and as fate would have it, became a member of the 79th Reconnaissance Troop where he served as a Tech-5 scout in World War II.  Donato fought bravely in the historic battle on Utah Beach in Normandy France, a turning point in the war.

After visiting the beach where his father had been those years ago, he ventured into a nearby church that was undergoing a renovation.  He and his wife went into the church and they saw a statue of St. Anthony with the plaque that you now see in the spring.  Donato had told a story, just days before his death, about a visit to a church after the battle … could this have been it?  Anthony said that it fit the description to a “t”and he was certain that his father was there in June 1944.  He searched for the priest of the church and when he found him Anthony said, through an interpreter who happened to volunteer her services, “Can I purchase the plaque?”  Anthony told the priest the story and, to the astonishment of his wife, the priest agreed to give the plaque to Anthony and in return Anthony would pay for a replacement.  To Anthony, the piece is priceless and now has a permanent home at the spring.

The spring itself is a story and the mosaic of stories of all of those who visit become the fabric that brings us all together.  When Anthony is there, and he chooses to be there as much as possible, please say “hello,” and share a story with him.  He is as genuine, made in the USA, one of a kind and we are so fortunate to have someone who cares enough to share this special water and very special place.

Anthony knows how much you love the spring and please know that he greatly appreciates all the love you have shown him!  He is always deeply moved when people come to the spring, especially mothers who come with their children and expectant mothers.  To him, it is a sign of building another generation of health, joyful people.

Through the spring, we are not on enriching lives with our nourishing water, but by your refilling your containers here we are saving millions of plastic bottles entering the world.  Together, we all make a difference.

We Have One Word For You: Water

In Mike Nichols’s 1967 film “The Graduate,” a 21 year old Benjamin Braddock, played by Dustin Hoffman, is at a cocktail party his parents have thrown to celebrate his college graduation.  A friend of Ben’s parents, a businessman named Mr. McGuire, takes Ben aside at the party and says he has one word of advice for him, just one word—and the word is “plastics.”

In 1967, plastic was about to revolutionize the world but today it has created one of the major problems our planet faces.  Without getting into the complex issues that have been brought about because of plastics (save for another blog), we do want to present the power of having simple answers in a complex world.  Our answer to the future of health and well being is “Water.”

The next time you are on an airplane, take a look at the people who are in first class (not that I would not enjoy sitting there from time to time), but the group is usually made up of business people who have earned the right to sit there, not from paying extra, but from living a life of flying around the country on business … frequent flyers!  They are usually haggard executives who are thankful to have been seated first so that they can enjoy a glass of alcohol and a bag of chips, all given to them free of charge.  That is a reward?  Sounds more like a poisoning.

These people, despite their apparent financial success, can understandably find themselves confiding in friends saying, “I wish I had more energy and felt better.”  If I were their friend I would say “Water … start not just any water, but rare, healing water that can only be obtained from a pure source … a place like Pocahontas Spring at Boston Clear.  Don’t take our word for it, listen to people who make a career out of healing people.

Jody Hawkins operates Full Circle Health Counseling where she is a Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition coach.  Testimonials on her website speak to her work and one of her blogs speaks to our spring!  Not only did Hawkins find water, she discovered a healing spring here in Lynnfield where she takes her family;

Finding this spring and sacred healing spot, has been life changing for us. It came into our lives at exactly the right time, as most things do, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the benefits I have seen.

Another professional who comes to our spring is Regina Schulman.  Schulman and Tim DeSutter founded  The Infinity Healing Group in Andover, MA.  Our water has been a part of their work for years, including Schulman’s volunteer work with women who were trying to overcome sexual and drug abuse issues.  “When I was doing some volunteer work,” Schulman said, “the center that was housing these women served soda and chip, which were mostly donated goods.”  She said that the joke among the women was that the place was known as 30-30, “If you went for 30 days, you gained 30 pounds.”  The fact is that Schulman was trying to change the lives of these women and help them to clear their mind so that they could make a positive change.  She needed to get them away from things that were destroying their lives and that included the food they were eating.

Schulman changed one thing within her group and issued a challenge; substitute one soda with one. water.  They sat at a table with a gallon of our Pocahontas water, poured some into glasses and talked about the water, what it meant to them and what it was doing to heal their bodies.  While nourishing their bodies, the group used Shulman’s encouragement to focus on other, more complex issues … “The water provided a focus for these women so that they could address other issues in their lives.

How powerful has Schulman’s work been?  Take a look at this testimonial filmed at our spring (click here).

We would like to thank the professional nutritionists, faith healers and physicians who visit our spring on behalf of their clients.  We welcome you and we welcome them.

If someone asks you what is the one thing they can do to improve their life, tell them “water.”  Not water bottled in some factory, wrapped in plastic and shipped to your local grocer, but water that is delivered from the center of the earth as a gift for those who seek to find it.



The Growing Water Crisis Around Us

We know that you bring your containers to our spring searching for a trusted source of clean water.  For now, it is mostly a secret that visitors have started to share among their friends and families.  By sharing these stories, people learn of the nourishment that our spring provides but we also hear the stories from those who have searched for clean water like ours.  We encourage you to share those stories with as many people as possible.

In the future, sites like ours will become more sought after as local water departments are unable to fix the problems of treating the unwanted chemicals in our drinking supply by dumping even more chemicals to remedy it.  It is a fruitless effort that is wrought with even more harm to our citizens.  Water, the control of water, is going to reach a crisis level here in the U.S. within our lifetime.  All the warning signs are there.

The legal war between Georgia and Florida has been going on for years.  Georgia, whose growth around Atlanta led to the damming of the Chattahoochee River to form Lake Lanier as a drinking reservoir, has been a source of legal action for years.  Florida claims that the river once supplied fresh water to its residents and was necessary for to support oyster (and other wildlife) along the Florida coast.  The Supreme Court ruled that Georgia needed to prove that it could continue to hold back the water, signaling that Florida could end up getting more water flow … they the issue becomes, what about Georgia?  Yet another water crisis that has already cost both states over $100 million in just legal battles!

Here is the water situation closer to home:

Norton, MA – The city had such bad water last year that they also made the news for brown and smelly water coming from the tap.  The solution was patience while a new water plant was being built … completions was scheduled for summer 2019 but delays and cost overruns have put it behind schedule.

Scituate, MA – The water in Scituate, down on the Cape, has a reputation for having bad water flowing from the top.  However, today’s water quality has become so bad that the water has both an offensive color and smell.  Upset, concerned and angry citizens filled a town hall to let Scituate town officials have a piece of their mind.  After a five year project to clean up the water, residents went to a town hall meeting to demonstrate that they are frustrated.  According to reports here on Boston 10 (NBC), residents who even installed filter systems could not keep up with the amount of pipe sediment flowing into their homes.  Some residents bagged their filters from home and showed that were so filled with debris that they were rendered useless after just a few days of use.  Citizens were assured that by next year, the final patches to the water improvement program will be complete and they can begin an extensive flushing program.

Since our bodies are over 90% water, make a choice to put only the finest water into your body.  That water comes from natural sources, rich in earth’s minerals, just like the one at our Pocahontas spring.

Many people who come to our spring travel from miles away to fill their containers … some travel for over an hour.  Keep coming and encourage your friends in Norton and Scituate to visit us to get a taste of what pure water from the earth tastes like.

Set your GPS to 165 Lowell Street, Lynnfield, MA 01940.  Bring your family, those who are sick, those seeking peace and those who are thirsty for water that is pure.  All are welcome.

More Work To Do !

We want to thank you for all of the support you have shown us over the years, especially over the past week as we went before the Lynnfield Board of Appeals.

While we presented our case and were allowed a fair hearing, the ZBA postponed a decision on our spring until a future date (September, October, or later).  They allowed us sufficient time to present our case and a few of the neighbors provided their opposition.

If one thing was made clear by this hearing is that we need more tolerance and understanding in the world.  It is our belief that the spring provides a hate-free place where people are brought together for a common cause of nutrition and spirituality.  We will keep you posted on things but until then, let’s keep the dialogue going on something that is most important to all of us … water!

We heard from you and the Lynnfield ZBA heard from you.  THANK YOU!  We know how much you love the spring and are especially happy to share some of the posts that we received.  Here is one and please keep them coming:

Dear folks at Boston Clear Water or Pocahontas Spring,

I have been going to this beautiful mineral spring for a few years now and am so grateful that this water has been open to all of us who value fresh and live mineral spring water. This is a rare opportunity! I travel 40 minutes as often as I need to get this water and it is the only water I drink… I have sent many people to the spring who also travel far and wide to get this delicious spring water. Many people feel that this water has improved their health as do I. Beyond being able to get this water to drink, this spring has been a refuge, a beautiful place to go and sit in nature for me. Nestled in this residential neighborhood it is like a surprise retreat place.
I do not understand how this could be closed down and not available to the public! The owners have been so generous in making this available to all. They are certainly not making money there but out of generosity of spirit they make it available because they understand how important good fresh clean water is to those who are interested in health!
Please don’t even consider closing this incredible resource to those of us who value and take advantage of this special water and serene place.
Thank you,
Kailia S.
Kailia, we hear you and we are staying !!!
Keep these stories coming and we are happy to share them.

The Lynnfield ZBA Meeting Is Tonight, Honoring Our Customers

Tonight is the Lynnfield Zoning Board of Appeals meeting regarding our spring and, more importantly, your ability to come to it for water.  While we intend to honor our spring by working to share it with all of you, we are there to honor your rights to come to our spring for its healing waters.

A few people have spoken out to restrict this site and that means a lot more people have to speak out about keeping the spring open.  We are confident in our ability to overcome these obstacles and in doing so have rediscovered our purpose in serving many of you.

As a result of the many letters and input that we have received, we are going to start a series of posts on the people who visit our spring.  We find many of your stories inspirational and visitors to our spring represent a special community of people who are committed to the movement of clean water.

Here is one of the letters we recently received in support of our spring that was also sent to the Zoning Board of Appeals (the author was kind enough to share the letter):

Dear Lynnfield Zoning Board,

Many years ago a good friend of mine told me about Pocahontas Spring in Lynnfield.  He explained the amazing taste, high quality and health benefits. Knowing that this person practices a healthy lifestyle and in his quest to be healthy to find the perfect water, he researched many different types of water and what is the best for our bodies; I buried it in the back of my mind knowing that one day this information would be of use to me.

About a year ago I decided to give it a try.  The water is so fresh and crisp it is like drinking water that flows from a glacier!  I was immediately addicted! For many years my liver was sluggish from all of the toxins and metals from tap and bottled water. My liver now feels great and I have lost 30 lbs.  I also believe that drinking from plastic water bottles is very toxic to our bodies and not very good for our earth.  I can’t even imagine how many plastic bottles are in our dumps and in our oceans!

Every week I drive to Lynnfield with 8 glass gallon jugs, and fill them and return

home to enjoy this wonderful water all week with my family of three and 2 cats.

I have tried to find another Spring similar to this in Florida where I will eventually live part-time.  It just does not exist!  We are so very, very lucky to have this Spring in Lynnfield. Honestly it is helping a lot of people for many health reasons.  When I fill my jugs, I am usually the only one there the property is so quiet and peaceful. I also take a peek at the Spring in the back and say thanks for this delicious and hydrating water.  This is a precious gift from nature to us, please allow the Spring to remain open.

  • Jeanne F.